Features of the "Sproul Baker" Folding Reflector Oven

1.   The  SPROUL BAKER  reflector oven makes campfire cooking easier and better.

2.    The oven features are superior to the features of the only other reflector oven available on the market commercially.


3.   Will bake any food that you would bake in your oven at home, in the same recipe times.


4.   With the oven assembled, it is a strong one-piece unit, with a handle cool enough to be picked up and moved to facilitate proper baking results.The handle remains cool to the touch, not requiring the use of hot mitts.


5.   The dark baking pan allows complete heat absorption to maintain proper baking temperatures in the food being cooked.


6.   The shining surface of the oven gives complete reflection of the heat coming from the open bright flame from the fire.


7.   The angles of the top and bottom reflecting surfaces give proper reflection of the heat for the total absorption of the heat in the food.


8.   The weight of the oven, baking pan and trail bag is only three pounds, compared to the weight of a #12 dutch oven, sometimes used for the same purpose, weighing 17 1/2 pounds.


9.   The resilience of the oven material allows for spring back when bent moderately, allowing for the oven to be packed in with normal camping gear.


10. With proper washing and drying, the " SPROUL BAKER " will give years of use with superior results.

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