In late fall of 2012 Harley Sproul, the founder of Campfire Cookware handed the business to me, Chas Gill of Bowdoinham, Maine.  Harley, of Lincoln Maine,  had spent 10 years perfecting the Sproul Baker and the equipment to build them.  A great deal of time and energy went into the creation of this oven.  I thank Harley for both keeping the traditional oven in production and also for allowing me to continue where he left off.  I have been Master Maine Guide for over 30 years;  grew up leading wilderness trips down the Allagash River and St. John River as well as hiking in Baxter State Park and through the woods of Maine.   I reside in Bowdoinham, Maine with my wife Linda and two children.  We own and operate a farm and greenhouse business selling at the Brunswick and Portland Farmers' Markets.

"I have always been a proponent of the reflector oven.  The key to a fun and enjoyable wilderness trip is the quality of food.  Being able to cook fresh breads and desserts on the trail is easily done with a reflector oven.  With a little bit of planning, practice and a campfire you can bake any food in the same time as using your oven at home."

The Sproul Baker is the finest campfire reflector oven on the market today.  Based on traditional design using modern materials these ovens will last a lifetime.  Each Sproul Baker is individually hand made in Bowdoinham, Maine with locally sourced materials.  

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